Evaluate ○ Accompany ○ Reveal ○ Valorize



Manage employees competencies optimally and predictively based on your company's development and competitiveness needs.

Build your HR strategy by fostering talent integration and retention.




Evaluate your potential through accurate and justifiable mapping of your skills and talents.  

Valorize your achievements and plan the evolution of your career by obtaining new skills.

The integral platform for collaborative skills management

Assessing and strengthening company skills


Establish the virtuous circle of competence management with an initial evaluation of your employees that will enable you to know precisely your needs and achievements. Set up evaluations and trainings defined by specific criteria. SkillsBoard features will show you real-time progressions and guide you through the implementation of individual, group, or targeted reports.


Enhance your talents and skills with an accurate assessment. Take advantage of your trainings and certifications in order to progress in your professional career.Ensure your employability by personalizing your goals.



Build your evaluations and your training plans based on an accurate and quantified analysis of the skills needed by the company.Join learners in their evolution, keep track of progressions, value commitment and progress through specific reports.

Our solution

SkillsBoard is a simple and intuitive web responsive web platform. Built on a service-oriented architecture (SOA), it is scalable and adaptable. Real-time access and exchange of data is secured and encrypted.

A precise and coherent approach to competitiveness

Define competencies and evaluation criteria based on needs or skills. Identify high potential and talent to develop.


Establish an evolution strategy through mapping and assessment of personalized skills. Align skills with defined and targeted needs.


Implement evaluation and training in relation to identified needs. Manage and control progressions in real time.


Identify and highlight the potential and achievements of your teams. Enhance your talents and progressions.


Our Team

The talent and experience of professionals at the service of HR innovation

Christian Kosiek

25 years of Sales & Management in IT, BI, Cloud & BigData. Business Angel in France, Spain, Poland & USA. Owner & Executive Coach at PeopleAngels SAS.

Laurent Ovaert

15 years of Management in the Editing of Industrial Software. Business Developer of high-tech solutions and applications in Europe. Co-founder of Praga Group Europe.

Manuel Escobar

17 years of expertise in Media & Web Technologies. Development of Web and Mobile applications in Europe, Latin America & USA. Co-founder of the Praga Group.

Personalized services for more performance


Assistance in the implementation of the solution. We carry out a precise and quantified assessment of skills and abilities or a simple import of the existing ones.

Soft skills assessment

Supported by psychometric tests, this personalized assessment makes it possible to quickly identify career aptitudes and assess the adequacy with areas of interest.


A personalized coaching, allowing to release the potential and to develop the know-how within the framework of professional objectives.


Let your teams evolve in a fun and motivating way with our Gamification solutions. Your employees will be challenged, and will evolve into true "Skillsboarders"

Our Offer

Strengthen your competitiveness. Choose your category

  • Employee
  • Ideal for employees or professionals wishing to take charge and follow their skills development plan.
  • Free
  • Custom Dashboard
  • Public and private competence profiles
  • Skills development and follow-up of progressions
  • Continuous access to evaluations and development plan
  • History of evaluations, training, certificates and diplomas
  • More commitment through skill gamification
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  • Company
  • Ideal for companies wishing to optimally and predictively manage the skills of their employees.
  • First month of discovery for free
  • Company Dashboard
  • Enterprise Skills mapping and cartography
  • Real-Time Access to Employee Skills Profile
  • Skills Search & Analysis
  • Skills development plans
  • Gamification Solution
  • API for integration with existing HR and skills management solutions
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  • Evaluator
  • Ideal for evaluators, coaches or trainers looking to differentiate themselves and provide their customers with real added value.
  • Free
  • Custom Dashboard
  • Evaluations & training planning and management
  • Skills Evaluation Tool (training, peer to peer, AI / machine)
  • Follow-up of skills profiles & development plans
  • Promotion of trainings
  • Gamification Solution
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