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Practical skills assessment

Practical skills assessment


Transform easily any assessment or feedback (360°, on the job, skills transfer, performance review, continuous feedback, end of project evaluation) into Certifying Skills Passports!


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You will be requested to assess the skills of a fake employee. We will provide you at the end of the assessment with access to the employee's Skills Passport.


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Lea Miller

Last evaluated:  N/A

2. Does he/she pay attention to details?

3. Does he/she meet deadlines?

4. Is he/she willing to admit mistakes?

5. How well does he/she communicate with others?

6. Does he/she adjust quickly to changing priorities?

7. How hardworking is he/she?

8. How professionally does he/she behave?

9. How well does he/she collaborate with others?

10. How well does he/she handle criticism?

11. Does he/she follow the instructions and work standards?

12. Do you trust his/her ability to make the right decisions?

13. Does he/she take responsibility for his/her mistakes?

14. How good is the quality of his/her work?

15. How well does he/she solve problems independently?

16. How well is he/she able to work autonomously?

17. Is he/she able to react quickly to unexpected obstacles?

18. How open is he/she to receiving feedback from others?

19. Does he/she seek clarification on areas not understood?

20. How well does he/she understand the company values and goals?

21. How motivated is he/she by his/her tasks & job?

22. Please list any areas where he/she is doing particularly well

23. Please list any areas for improvement

24. How likely would you recommend him/her to a colleague?